Friday, May 28, 2010

It's early, it's really early!

Well I'm up way before I even need to go to work because I have to be up for the dudes who are bringing the screen for our window. Atleast this is only a 2 hour frame of time that they might show up. Not like phone companies that say they'll be there between 8am to 5pm. Like who the hell wants to sit around the entire day for some jerk off who pretty much does about 5 seconds of work when they get there.

Anyhow I didn't come here to rant today. I am putting up my new drawing that I did a couple of days ago.

So I've been told quite a few times that I look like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I do see it and I think she's pretty awesome but people I'm older than her.....which means she looks like ME!!!!
So I thought why not do a drawing of her, I love their music and she has great style. I wonder if she realizes how much she looks like me?? hahaha
Ok here it is.....enjoy!

Have a great day friends!!! :D


  1. Hello, Anonymous Janey here again. I demand to know why no one has commented on this yet. I'm pretty damn sure at least one person I know has already looked at this..where's the positive feedback, "friends"? That's alright folks, I'll take care of it....ahem, Amber, when I look at your art my mind is blown. I feel as though life just isn't fair to the untalented people like myself, then I am reminded that I have hit the genetic lottery in the teeth and hair department and I stop being so envious, but I digress...Your abilities to capture the likeness of people and objects in a multitude of mediums(that is amazingly diverse) is simply a wonder and a joy combined in this small world we all live in. Your talents and creativity are extraordinary.

  2. AHAHHAHAA!!!! Seriously you are so hilarious. I would trade my art talent for your hair and teeth any day! It is a talent in itself! but really thanks for your comment, it means alot. And I know you're just trying to butter me up so I'll do a crossword of you....and you know what? its working! :P You may find yourself on a crossword someday soon!

  3. Really an anonymous response. I don't know you but am a facebook "fan", a high school art teacher and a fellow "artist". I put " " around artist when I refer to myself because art production has been put on the back burner for YEARS while raising a young one and becoming a teacher in order to make a living. (I do not intend to teach high school for the rest of my life). Anyway, I am not writing to tell you all of this but rather to tell you that I am simply astounded by you. Not just the quality of your work (which is freaking incredible beyond words), but also by your productivity level. Always, always, always something new. You are inspiring. I wish you luck in your endevour, though I don't think luck will have anything to do with your success - your skill and dedication will take you there.

    cheers. rachael