Friday, September 10, 2010


I hate blogging. I am boring and don't do anything fun. EVER.

The end.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Arty Update

What's new with me you wonder? Well!!! Quite a bit actually! My nephew was born a few days ago......and he is super awesomely cute! ok now that I think about it that is the only thing exciting that has happened.
I'm trying to get on top of things, art wise. Clearly I am having a hard time with this as you can tell by the fact that I am writing instead of drawing. I am going to do some work today, there was just alot of other stuff that had to be done know, laundry, dishes and general cleaning. Now I'm just trying to get in the right frame of mind to draw. It doesn't help that I can hear some guy upstairs clomping around. It's so damn loud he sounds like he's gonna come through the ceiling. I hate apartments.

So I have done some arty things recently. I've been keeping a business/idea journal for my artwork. Like so I remember the shows I have done and stuff that I have submitted to. This is great for me cause I have a habit of not putting down dates, and when it comes to writing a resume I have no clue about when an event took place.
I've submitted to a few art events/shows lately. Haven't heard back yet, but hey! I don't get my hopes up about this stuff cause I think it's who you know and who you socialize with that gets you shows. And of course my problem with being anti social doesn't work for me so well.
I'm going to submit to Supercrawl for September.25th. I know it's a huge event and if I could get in there it would be great. *finger's crossed* I'm just a little concerned about my work being hung outside....what if it rains??

The Skateboard show at Loose Canon Art Gallery turned out really good! I checked it out and there were some freakin' fantastic boards. I'm really happy I got to be part of it! Thanks to anyone who went and checked it out.

Ok enough of my boring life.....I'm gonna go look for more things to submit my art to and do some actual artwork.

MAKE ART.....NOT FRIENDS!!! hahahhaha