Monday, August 6, 2012

Sun in the Shade and randomness.

Ahhhhh it's so beautiful out here in the shade. I mean it's great in the sun too but if you know me you know that I don't get along with the sun that well. Though I must say I have actually gotten a tan this year, and now I look like an average human.
I'm also kinda bored and hungry which is why I'm writing this. I forgot to charge my ebike and I'm stranded in Dundas......not that I'm complaining. I dyed my hair black again. Surprise! Don't hassle me about it, you knew it would happen again someday! and yes I'll most likely hate it when my stupid white hairs start showing through, but just deal with it.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, so that means......nothing to you.....but to me it means another day off. I will do something fun and I will do atleast one piece of art. Even if it kills me.

I also have a feeling that I may quit my job much sooner than expected....I don't think I'm down with the whole just 2 days a week thing.....just 1 hour spent there turns me into a depressed bag of shit who wants nothing more than to crawl in a hole and sleep forever. And before you can say it can't be that bad....let me cut you off by saying IT IS!!!!!

Ok now I'm getting toasty out here and my feet are on fiyahhhhh! gonna go pick off the rest of my nailpolish! yeahhhhh

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