Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspire me.....please.

I'm in dire need of inspiration today. That dumb bat really messed with my sleep and I now have wasted literally the whole day trying to wake up.
I have a pile of art books sitting next to me, Frida Kahlo, Jenny Saville, Lucian Freud....just a few of my favourite artists. But I feel that if I look at them I might feel more discouraged than inspired. You know those days when someone elses amazing work makes you feel like crap about yourself!?
Instead I've chosen to try and write a blog post, done some tweeting and trying to do some networking. I must say that doing that stuff is rather boring, but I know it must be done if I'm going to make any money from what I do. It takes so much time to constantly update people on my every move, but it seems that is what has to be done if you want anyone to notice you! It feels a little scummy and fake but what can I do? I must!
I am also really hungry but not really inclined to do anything about it. What the heck is wrong with me today? Oh I's because since I started back at work it has drained me, the soul sucking has started again. I have a very big, important decision to make, and I must make it soon.

Ok oatmeal time.